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Real Estate Consultant & Best-Selling Author of ‘Power Springboard’ and ‘How to Always Win In Real Estate - Rich People Included’, Sky Tng, reveals...

The Clear Path Ahead

What the wealthy know that you don’t – and what they are doing amid escalating interest rates, skyrocketing property prices & global economic uncertainties…

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23 July 2022 (Sat), 2pm SGT

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In this free webinar masterclass, I’ll be peeling back the curtains on the exact 2022 - 2023 Singapore property insights I’m sharing with my private VIP clients – CEOs, founders of listed companies and even top-ranking government officials…

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1. Why one Business Times article is likely DEAD WRONG about private property supply (and may risk leading buyers and sellers astray)

Many experts predict the future based on historical trends. It’s not wrong – but trends may not hold true in unprecedented times like these. The biggest casualty? Everyday people like us who don't have the expertise to tell if an article is right or wrong.

And more…

2. The 12 biggest “Property Swing Factors” of 2022 that can drive property prices up or down – instantly answers the question: “Should I buy now? Sell now?”

Their impact will last for the rest of this year (and probably for the next 3-4 years…)

And more…

3. What industry insiders REALLY think about the recent interest rate hikes – and if they are putting their own property investments on hold or not…

You don’t need to be in an inner circle to know what real experts do. I’ll share what veterans in the market are doing to maximise and safeguard the value of their investments.

And more…

4. Details of an under-reported $600 billion “Cold War” fund that can literally make or break Singapore’s property scene for the next 5 years…

Looking for the next big Golden Investment Opportunity of the decade? Then you don’t want to miss this part of the webinar (you’ll never hear about this in the media…)

5. A new “buying quirk” by SG developers that will shake up local property prices for YEARS – yet practically no one is talking about it…

Discover little-known insights only astute investors know about – and make real estate decisions that get you ahead of the curve.

Meet Your Expert


Sky Tng is a Singapore based Property Consultant who has generated over $250 million in revenue over 12 years.


He advises CEOs, founders of listed companies, top ranking government officials, as well as everyday men on maximizing their property portfolios.


Sky is also a best-selling author who has written several books on real estate investment, strategies and how-to guides, and most recently co-authored Power Springboard, with KOL such as Brian Tracy, Kerri Kasem, Les Brown and many more. 


He is known as an astute real estate investor himself, and owns multiple properties across Asia.

As Seen On


"Sky is passionate and thorough with his analyses and ground-work. He is able to give insights from a financial and non-financial perspective, as well as draw down hypothetical scenarios for feasibility studies.


Data analytics is definitely one of his strong suits.


He’s also dedicated to his client’s success and has strong negotiation and patience in getting the right fit for the business. "

- Daniel Tan, Co-founder and Managing Director of Nesuto & Co. (Singapore)

"Working with Sky has been a revelation. In 45 minutes, he saved us S$20k on our purchase and advised us on which house suited us better from our shortlist. The house also appreciated further after our purchase. Would recommend. "

- Dexter Tan, Software Engineer

"It was my very first property purchase, naturally the two delicate side dishes of fear and uncertainty came complimentary. While this may be true for most people, what's different is the guidance that we choose to follow. Sky's expertise in the entire property ecosystem and most importantly his vision landed right on the targets, surpassing my expectations. Sky is the tailored custom-made suit you never thought of, but have always wanted the most. Props to him."

- Paul Yeo, Vice President

What Clients Say About Sky

Reserve My Spot Now

Reserve Your Free Spot Now, And Discover Exclusive Insights That Industry Movers & The Insiders Use To Make Their Next Property Move

The webinar is starting in…

Next Webinar:

23 July 2022 (Sat), 2pm SGT

(Last Slots Left)

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